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We meet urgent care needs in Crossville

Here at Acute Care Clinic, we have one goal: to take care of our patients' health. Whether you need a physical, you'd like to schedule a well-care visit or you require urgent care, we want to assist you. To make an appointment, just give our office a call.

Urgent care services

If you or your child needs medical attention for an acute illness or other immediate problem, you're welcome to visit our clinic for urgent care.

You can call to schedule an appointment. In addition, our urgent care services are available to walk-in patients. If you require care during our office hours, we're ready to help.

We do physicals

Perhaps your child has to undergo a physical examination before participating in a sport or attending summer camp, or you need a physical exam yourself before starting a new job.

If you need a physical, Acute Care Clinic can conduct a thorough examination at a time that's convenient for you. 

Well care services

If you have children, it's important to schedule well-care visits for them. During these appointments, we can provide immunizations, screen for potential medical problems and much more.

Of course, adults can arrange for their own well-care visits. For example, perhaps you have a chronic illness and would benefit from additional immunizations - we can help you with that as well!
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If you need care, please get in touch at (931) 484-5379
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